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UCL PakSoc is a Student Society that aims to celebrate and appreciate Pakistan and its fascinating culture. We host a variety of different events throughout the year; ranging from socials, academic conferences and fundraisers in order to appeal to students from all backgrounds.

Some of our most notable events include our Winter Boat Party (in collaboration with Bangladesh Society) and ‘Pakistan Week’ in which we host daily events to raise money for the Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF). The primary focus of most events is contemporary and traditional Pakistani values; however PakSoc boasts an inclusive culture open to students from all backgrounds, sometimes even holding events in collaboration with other societies so as to promote diversity and integration.

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Our Vision

We aim to connect Pakistanis at UCL from all disciplines, international and local students alike, to form our own Khandaan (family); a community that you can turn to throughout your university journey! The purpose of UCL PakSoc, above all, is for everyone to enjoy themselves! Pakistani culture is very diverse- so we hope to explore its various traditions in a fun and engaging way.

We also strive to educate our members in niche subject areas; propagating progressive thoughts about Pakistan to the university and we further aim to collaborate with Pakistani talent to celebrate our culture in a positive way. As overseas Pakistanis, it is paramount that we discuss issues that not only affects the Pakistani diaspora, but the future of Pakistan as well. Hence, we also use our platform to facilitate discussions that includes professionals, academics and the youth to try and tackle the issues that affect Pakistan.

PakSoc Goes Green


UCL PakSoc 2019/20 has announced that this year, we will actively make changes in the way that our society functions. We want to be part of the solution to climate change and degradation by considering our environmental footprint in all of our decision making, instead of facilitating the problem.

We aim to normalise sustainable practices and encourage our members to take responsibility to do the same by making small changes to their routines, as part of a wider cultural shift towards embracing environmental consciousness.

We hope that our campaign will overcome this ‘in-action’ and will encourage Pakistan Societies across the UK to join us by pledging what they will do to become more sustainable. This way, we can support each other and collectively improve, creating a lasting precedent for the future of not only our societies, but the wider Pakistani diaspora.

PakSoc goes Green is a campaign that we at UCL Pakistan Society feel is an integral part of the betterment of our institutions. We want to create a lasting precedent for the future of not only our societies, but the wider Pakistani diaspora. Alone we can barely scratch the surface of the problems that haunt our planet, however united, we are capable and can make a substantial difference.

We hope this campaign unites PakSocs across the UK so if you'd like to see your society get involved, please do get in touch with us.

Meet the Committee


Hira Sharif

Third year Psychology

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Vice President

Hamnah Shakeel

Second year Geography

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Raghib Mirza

Second year Computer Science

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Welfare Officer

Maryam Farooq

Third year Psychology with education

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Events Officer

Khizar Dara

Second year Chemical Engineering

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Events Officer

Ahmed Aamir

Third year Mechanical Engineering

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Media and Marketing Officer

Maryam Zamir

Second year Law

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General Secretary

Maleeha Malik

Fourth year Medic

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Outreach Officer

Sara Memon

Fourth year Medic

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