Meet The Committee

picture of Hira

Hira Sharif

I’m Hira and I’m a third year Psychology student from Karachi!

My plan for PakSoc 2019/20 is emphasising “quality, not quantity” i.e. to have fewer, more high-quality events rather than an average event every week. I want these events to be an accurate representation of Pakistani culture so that they are engaging and exciting for everyone, regardless of whether they’re from Pakistan or not. I also want to use this platform to ensure that we, as overseas Pakistanis, continue to give back to our country as much as possible.

Most Pakistani trait: Saying “yaar” at the end of every second sentence.
Least Pakistani trait: I’m vegetarian.

Favourite Pakistani public figure: Tan from Queer Eye.
Favourite Pakistani food: Honestly, nothing beats Daal Chawal.

Urdu proficiency level: Adequate (I think).

picture of Hamnah

Hamnah Shakeel

I’m Hamnah and I’m a second year Geography student from London :)

As VP, I'd like to make PakSoc a place for everyone! We have so many exciting plans lined up that will hopefully drive the society in a new direction. This year, one of my priorities is to also make PakSoc more Sustainable. I really hope to make our events more eco-friendly and truly normalise sustainable practices in our community...aaand on that note, don't forget your reuseable cup at our next social!

Most Pakistani trait: Shamelessly addicted to tea.
Least Pakistani trait: Lemon and Herb. I can’t handle spicy food

Favourite Pakistani public figure: The one and only, Zayn <3
Favourite Pakistani food: Literally any sabzi

Urdu proficiency level: For a non-native speaker, I think I'm pretty advanced!!! But for some strange reason… none of my friends agree…

picture of raghib

Raghib Mirza

I’m Raghib and I’m a second year Computer Science student from London.

I want PakSoc to be the go-to society for everyone by holding the most creative events, making an impact towards social issues and for having the most open and tolerant community! Joining a society and attending events shouldn't be a chore so most importantly I want every member be comfortable in their own skin, so that they can enjoy themselves.

Most Pakistani trait: Probability of getting diabetes (I have a vicious sweeth tooth)
Least Pakistani trait: Disliking chai

Favourite Pakistani public figure: Am I really gonna write Atif Aslam Momin Saqib
Favourite Pakistani food: How has no one else written Haleem???

Urdu proficiency level: I would say I am Fluent

picture of maryamf

Maryam Farooq

My name Maryam, and I am a third year Psychology with Education student from Lahore.

As Welfare Officer, I plan to make sure that our events are inclusive of not just Pakistani students on campus, but are able to offer a look into Pakistani culture for all students. I want to ensure that anyone who joins feels like part of a community within the university.

Most Pakistani trait: Trainers under shalwar kameez is a fashion statement!
Least Pakistani trait: Spicy food is a big no!

Favourite Pakistani public figure: Imran Khan (the philanthropist)
Favourite Pakistani food: Daal chaawal.

Urdu proficiency level: Adequate.

picture of khizar

Khizar Dara

I’m Khizar and I’m a second year Chemical Engineering student from Karachi.

My plan for PakSoc 2019/20 is to make the society an experience that no member will ever forget. I believe that the standard of events should be such that everyone is involved fully. PakSoc is a platform where all of us can bring a bit of unique ‘Pakistaniness’ to the table, eventually creating a home away from home. Hopefully, if we do things right, we can be great ambassadors for our country!

Most Pakistani trait: Bargaining with the fruit wala for 10 rupees.
Least Pakistani trait: Not having chai a billion times throughout the day.

Favourite Pakistani public figure: Muneeba Mazari
Favourite Pakistani food: Red Apple rolls

Urdu proficiency level: Ghalib when required.

picture of ahmed

Ahmed Aamir

I’m Ahmed Aamir and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student from Karachi!

Being an events officer, it is my duty to ensure that every event goes smoothly and according to plan. I also wish to introduce new ideas that epitomize what being a Pakistani is all about.I hope to integrate as much of my culture as I can through my role and do justice by it. (P.S. Inter-society cricket tournament is just around the corner.)

Most Pakistani trait: I attend weddings only for food (most of the time).
Least Pakistani trait: Soft drinks is a no.

Favourite Pakistani public figure: Shahid Afridi / Mustafa Ali.
Favourite Pakistani food: Makhni Handi.

Urdu proficiency level: Between adequate and ghalib.

picture of maryamz

Maryam Zamir

I’m Maryam Zamir and I’m a second year Law student from Slough.

As the Media and Marketing officer, I hope to keep everyone updated about the amazing events we have organised for you! My aim is to ensure that all events are well advertised so that you know when to attend. I look forward to welcoming you all to the PakSoc family!!

Most Pakistani trait: Drinking tea even when it’s hot.
Least Pakistani trait: Tolerance to spicy food.

Favourite Pakistani public figure: Imran Khan
Favourite Pakistani food: Pilau.

Urdu proficiency level: I think it’s adequate but apparently when I speak you can tell urdu isn’t my first language.

picture of maleeha

Maleeha Malik

I'm Maleeha and I am a fourth year medical student from London.

As general secretary, I hope to help our committee deliver a series of great events that show off Pakistan at its best, and hopefully show us off to everyone on campus! As usual, my main aim is to make sure the society is inclusive and welcoming to all - British, British Pakistani and Pakistani Pakistani alike. I can’t wait for this year to start!!

Most Pakistani trait: Force feeding everyone around me.
Least Pakistani trait: Being on time.

Favourite Pakistani public figure:
Favourite Pakistani food: Everyone else might also be writing this but it cannot be denied that daal chawal is life.

Urdu proficiency level: I like to think I’m up there at ghalib status, but let’s be honest… My urdu is at its best when I’m not opening my mouth.

picture of sara

Sara Memon

I’m Sara and I’m a fourth year medical student from Bournemouth.

As community and outreach officer, my role will be to collaborate with other universities, get involved in projects and charities, and spread the Paksoc love as far as possible. As with everybody else on committee, my main aim will be to ensure the society is inclusive and that regardless of race, everyone feels comfortable. The role of community and outreach officer will allow me to share what pakistani culture is really about, and hopefully debunk any popular myths or stereotypes going around.

Most Pakistani trait: Listen to coke studio in the car.
Least Pakistani trait: Lack of ability to coherently speak urdu.

Favourite Pakistani public figure: Too much of a coconut to have one.
Favourite Pakistani food: Basic choice but daal chawal.

Urdu proficiency level: How do you say coconut in urdu again?